Course management Simplify course administration

Streamline administrative tasks and simplify daily operations through automation.

Training delivery formats Choose your delivery format, or blend them

Deliver face-to-face training, live webinar sessions, self-paced online modules, or a blend. Interactive Learning’s course management software has it covered.

Automated workflows Go paperless

Traditional attendance sheets are outdated! With Interactive Learning's mobile app, instructors only need to mark attendance at the start of the training session. The Interactive Learning course management system takes care of the rest, handling tasks like sending feedback surveys, generating certificates, and offering follow-up opportunities. This efficient process not only saves time and resources but also promotes eco-friendly practices. It enables you to effectively oversee your training programs while staying current with modern technology and trends.

Automated emails Simplify your communication

Fed up with the endless hours spent copying information into emails, verifying payment reminders, and keeping customers updated on changes? With Interactive Learning, you can kick back and relax. Our system seamlessly integrates emails, ensuring your customers and team always have the most up-to-date information. Plus, you can make your emails stand out with custom styling, ensuring your customers never overlook them.

Private course management Manage private courses with ease

You have the flexibility to tailor your training to specific groups, including creating customized, in-house courses that aren't publicly listed on your website. Additionally, you can streamline communication by designating a key contact person to manage interactions related to these specialized courses. This approach allows you to provide a more personalized and targeted learning experience for your intended audience.

Task sets Stay organised

Managing the multitude of small yet crucial tasks involved in course management can be challenging. However, with Interactive Learning, you don't need to worry about missing any important details. You can effortlessly attach task sets to your course templates, ensuring that each future course scheduled based on that template comes with a built-in task checklist. This checklist allows you to assign tasks and then mark them off as they are completed, providing you with the assurance that you're well-prepared for another successful course.

Task sets help you to manage your courses with smart software

Registration limits Run profitable courses

You can have confidence in the financial viability of your courses by ensuring that you have enough registrations to cover costs and generate a profit. With a quick look at your dashboard, you can instantly see the current enrollment status of each course in real-time. This provides valuable insights, allowing you to take proactive measures such as boosting marketing efforts or considering additional course sessions if needed to maximize profitability.

Registrations limits ensure that you don't under or overbook any of your courses.

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